Module 1

Topic: the fine motricity of the voice

January 12

Introction - The singing voice.

January 19

Bone structures of the cranium, palates and sinuses

January 26

Muscles of facial expression

Februari 02

Eyes, nose and ears

Februari 09

Mandible and tongue

Februari 16

Larinx and pharinx

Module 3


Vocal range 

March 16

Shoulder girdle - Vocal range

March 23

Upper limbs in relation to vocal range

March 30

Direction, motor intention and vocal range

Module 5


the basis of the instrument 

April 20

Muscles of inspiration

April 27

Muscles of exalation

May 04

Coordination of breath

Module 7

Topic: The colours of the voice

June 01

Vocal range in relation to shoulde girle and vertebral column, sensation of pitch, sensation of attack

Module 2

Topic: Vocal support and vocal range

Februari 23

Vertebral Column and Vocal support.

March 02

Muscles of the back

March 09

Deep muscles of back and neck

Module 4

Topic: the anchor of the voice

April 06

Pelvic girdle

April 13

Lower limbs and its relation to vocal production and breathing

Module 6

Topic: Natural breathing

May 11

Muscles of inspiration

May 18

Muscles of exalation

May 25

Coordination of breath