The Body of the Voice

The Body of The Voice

The vocal instrument goes from the soles of the feet to the top of the head. To use your voice well and to be able to direct it consciously, it is important to understand how the parts of the instrument were designed to work and how they interact.

In order to sing freely without ever getting hurt in the process it is also important to understand how natural breathing works and learn how to coordinate it in rhythm.

However, we cannot lose sight of the totality of the voice, our emotional state plays a role as important in vocal production as our physical mechanism.

In this course we are going to investigate all these aspects. In addition to the Voice Anatomy Course, The Body of the Voice, the vocal laboratories are designed for each pupil to explore the full potential of their voice in a practical, healthy and fun way. 

The Body of the Voice is the investigation of each part of the vocal instrument, in 7 independent modules, and in the Vocal Labs we put it all into practice.

The course is open to all who wish to explore and rediscover their complete vocal instrument.