Georgia Dias

Singer, teacher of the Alexander Technique, Therapist specialized in breathing and relaxation techniques and somatic education, proud mother of two young men.

Born in Santo André – SP, I lived in the Netherlands for over 30 years where I worked with my band for almost two decades alongside wonderful jazz musicians.

Since I graduated as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in April 2004, I teach classes, workshops and short courses,  and I have combined vocal work with the Technique since 1999 when I met my first Alexander teacher.

My first Alexander Technique class was in April 1999, with Ron Murdock. I actually went for a singing class, looking to improve control of my own voice and breathing. Ron was a tenor, and a wonderful teacher in both subjects, the voice and the Alexander Technique.

Since my graduation (ATON – Alexandertechniek Opleiding Nederland April / 2004) I have been teaching popular, jazz and classical singers, instrumentalists and musicians, and dancers, as well as people who suffer from stress and / or chronic pain due to misuse of the body . I was also recognized as a therapist specialized in somatic education and breathing techniques by the Dutch association VBAG, in 2011.

In summary, I teach workshops and private classes online, in my studio in Amsterdam (Holland), and:

‘Aton’ – Alexander Techniek Opleiding Nederland, Amstelveen, Netherlands

‘Parnassos’ – Cultural Center University of Utrecht, Netherlands

‘ATA’ – Amsterdaamse Theater Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kubus Arts Organization – Zagreb, Croatia

Academy of Music University of Zagreb, Croatia

‘Etaba’ –  Teacher's training school for the Alexander Technique Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘EBTA’ – Teacher's training school for the Alexander Technique São Paulo, Brazil

'EUTA' – Teacher's training school for the Alexander Technique - Montevideo, Uruguay

Tomie Ohtake Institute – São Paulo, Brazil

Viva Escola de Artes – Fortaleza, Brazil

Espaço do Bem Viver – Fortaleza, Brazil

Musical Centre Hulda Lage – Fortaleza, Brazil

Porto Iracema das Artes – Fortaleza, Brazil

Unifor – University of Fortaleza, Brazil

Multikasa – Fortaleza Brazil

Bináh Espaço de Artes – São Paulo, Brazil

Unichristus University - Fortaleza, Brazil